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The Art of Gambling in the 21st Century

There’s an interesting question in the world of online gambling: How do you make money? It’s a question that only becomes more and more interesting as online gambling grows in popularity.

A Casino online will use many strategies to make money from their players, but one very effective strategy is “loss matching.” Most of the time, this involves a casino offering a player 100% on their deposit up to a certain amount – let’s say $100 – and then the casino only keeps the winnings. The more a player bets, the closer they get to losing back their initial deposit.


There are several different strategies casino sites use to make money from players. One is by making it possible for players to claim a 100% matching bonus on their deposits but requiring them to bet ten times as much before they can withdraw – even the winnings.

Another strategy is by encouraging high-risk gamblers and directing them to games where they are likely to lose more quickly. But, again, this strategy is most effective when combined with loss matching.

When this strategy works correctly, it is very hard for players to lose enough money to put them over that threshold. It becomes an “art” because players need not meet certain criteria to win the full 100% on their deposit – they need to bet 10 times, sometimes 20 or more.

However, this art is only effective when combined with other strategies. One of the most effective combinations involves the live chat. The chat agent encourages players to keep betting to keep winning and reach their loss matching threshold sooner. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not possible to chat with a live agent every time a player uses the site – they may only chat once per day or week. This means that agents have to direct players towards games where loss matching is likely to be applied.

In the early days of online gambling, this was a fairly straightforward process involving nothing more than clicking a button. However, due to extensive research by players – and casino sites themselves – it is possible to predict which games will offer loss matching at any given time.


The only real challenge in online gambling is making good money with it. Because of this, many casinos make their entire business model around encouraging players to bet more, not less.

Since the bet size is the agent’s only way to ensure that players do not reach their loss matching threshold too quickly, it becomes easier to make money by encouraging large bets.


The live chat agents are an important part of making money with online casinos – because they help keep players in the game long enough to keep their losses down. Sometimes, just knowing that there’s a human being on the other end of the line gets players to continue playing even when they’re losing – and thus lose more money. It is this business model that helps online casinos make such large profits.

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